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Mixed Neutrals





How grumpy is he in almost all of the photos?! 😂 He had missed his nap though so I’ll blame it on that 😉



My mum makes the most amazing quiche, but you can see here that she forgot she was making one this day haha…it became a bit of a running joke.
We had three of these huge confetti balloons filled with helium and I even put some ivy hanging from them like in the picture BUT for some reason they wouldn’t stay up and just kept dropping to the floor 🙁 I was so disappointed! ( Photo credit: Ginger Ray)

A few weeks ago we had a special day for our babies, and had a joint blessing for them at our local church. It was such a lovely day with just a small group of guests, and it was so nice to see people we don’t get to see all that often.

My inspiration behind the event styling was botanics. I wanted to keep everything light, bright and neutral; from the decor to our outfits, and a casual (but boozey) afternoon tea seemed like the perfect accompaniment.

I really loved all our outfits, which were all great High Street pieces! Nancy had so many compliments on her dress, which was a fab find from Next. I teamed it with a gorgeous little handmade, rose gold hair bow from Paper Crown Shop UK which I found on Instagram – I love all the amazing small shops you can find on Insta. We didn’t bother with shoes for Nancy as the dress was so long, so just kept her tootsies warm with little socks.

Dexter wore this cute little trouser and waistcoat combo in a neutral linen fabric, and I decided to add a sweet polka dot bow tie and his Converse high tops. I’ve always been a bit of a hoarder since being young, so over the last couple of years have tried to take a more minimal approach to living (not necessarily successfully); however I’m pretty sure I will keep these outfits in their memory boxes for when they’re older and they can show their own kids one day.

Mr B kept it smart/casual with these light trousers and a white shirt with tan coloured shoes and accessories, and I wore a skirt from ASOS (no longer available but I LOVE the look of this similar one from Boohoo/ASOS) teamed with a Zara knit, and Public Desire rose gold heels…totally twinning with my girl and proud ha! The skirt is now one of my all time favourite pieces- I just love it so much! And the fine knit jumper is fab as it is plain but has really cute detailing on the cuff of the sleeve; completely versatile too!

I originally wanted to hold the event outside at my parents place as I thought the theme would really suit being outdoors, and the views out the back of their house are amazing! I imagined string lights hanging from the trees, gorgeous fresh flowers and candles 😍 But, as we all know with the UK (especially up north!) you can’t rely on the weather so we just kept everything indoors at their house  (as they have more room than we do).

Apologies for going a bit overboard with the photos, but our wonderful photographer Anete Lūsiņa Photography got so many amazing shots I found it hard to whittle them down. Of course there are lots more with all our guests, but we’ll keep those private.

What theme would you go for if you were having an event this summer?



Nancy’s Dress: Next

Nancy’s Bow: Papercrownshopuk

Dexter’s Outfit: Marks & Spencer

Dexter’s Bow Tie: Next

Mr B’s trousers: ASOS

My Skirt: No longer available but find similar from Boohoo @ ASOS here

My Sweater: Zara

My Heels: Public Desire @ ASOS (almost sold out, find similar here)


Macaroons/Petite Patisserie/Mini Cupcakes/Fruit Tartlets: All from M&S’ Food to Order range

Other sweet treats: All homemade

Sandwiches & savoury selections: All homemade

Mango & Passionfruit Cake: Made by my talented mother-in-law with additional fresh flowers


My Hair: By me! (Though annoyingly in all the pictures you can see the end of the hair coz it slipped out when I put my top on and I was in such a rush to get out the door I couldn’t sort it out!) 🙄

Makeup: By my extremely talented sister-in-law Michelle Diffin Make-up


Most items fitting my botanical/rose gold theme: Ginger Ray


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