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A Letter to My Son on His 2nd Birthday


Dear Dexter,

I Just want to let you know, on your special day, just how much your Daddy and I love you unconditionally. I am fully aware you won’t read or understand this any time soon, however I hope that one day you can read it and see just how precious you were from the second you were born and you pooed in your Dad’s bare hands. I also want you to see that all the moaning I do about you (and now your sister too), pales in to insignificance compared with how full our hearts are with love, and pride, and amazement.

I have so many favourites when it comes to the qualities you possess, especially the ones you save just for us. Don’t ever change for anyone; being you is always enough. Don’t let anyone tell you you’re weak for caring; your sensitivity is a special and rare gift which is perhaps my favourite side of you. Keep kissing your sister, holding her hand, telling me when she needs me. Keep looking out for her as the years go by, and I’m sure she’ll look out for you too.

Dont ever stop wanting cuddles and kisses from me, or stroking my hands with yours; those tender moments are the ones I will keep with me for the rest of my days. They are the ones I will think of when your giving me attitude during those volatile teenage years ahead.

Keep drinking in and soaking up everything around you. I am literally in awe of you every day and how quick you pick things up (the good and the naughty!). You are always listening and repeating and learning. You have been been able to tell us what almost every letter of the alphabet is since before you were 18months, and your current favourite naughty phrase is “Oh god sakes”. The grin on your face when you say it is the most mischievous I’ve seen. You are stringing sentences together like they are going out of fashion; I seriously think you must get your brains from me. 😏😉

We are keen to let you pick your favourite things for yourself, without influencing your choices, as it’s always important to do what you love. Your favourite things right now are vehicles of all kinds, in particular tractors and diggers (hence the digger cake I have made you), cooking and baking (mostly pretend), and I would say the Gruffalo is up there too; you love a good Gruffalo hunt! There are so many things that you take an interest in though; keep that up. The world is full of discoveries to be made and I want you to always do what you love- however big or small that may be. Follow your dreams; even if they only take you round the corner.

May you be lucky, yet work hard regardless; may you be tolerant, compassionate and inquisitive. May you deal with failure with as much dignity and humility as you do your triumphs. May you love deep and true and without boundaries; if your heart breaks, know that it’s ok to love again. And you know that excitement that you currently have for all the little things? Keep that alive for as long as you can; staying young in your mind is like medicine for the soul.

Dont take life too seriously, except for when the moment is poignant and requires it. Let go of that fear you currently hold; a fear of perhaps a person, a hair cut, or an unknown. Fear holds us back and gives us limits; I want you to be free, in every sense of the word. But if fear does creep in, know that it’s ok. Your Daddy and I will be right there, ready to hold your hand; eager to guide you.

We try to tame your mischievous streak, but we secretly (or not so) love it, you funny little thing. Do things people tell you not to (you’re very good at this at the moment 😂); another thing you get from me. But always always take people’s feelings into account first.

My most favourite thing of all, although bittersweet, is watching you grow.

Love you, kid.





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