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With Love From Binky

As Binky Felstead releases her latest collection with personalised baby gift brand, My 1st Years, I chat to the Chelsea ‘It’ girl and hot new mama about all things poo, puke, and post-baby routines.

The 'With Love From Binky' collection is available from www.my1styears.comBinky PICTURE - Emma Tunbrid (8)

When I sat down with Binky for a chat recently, she was friendly, open, and completely honest. She looked immaculate, showing no tell-tale signs of her recent foray in to motherhood, except for the beaming grin splashed across her face. Alexandra ‘Binky’ Felstead, best known for reality TV show, Made in Chelsea, is currently promoting her recent collaboration with personalised baby gift brand, My 1st Years, and our chat came as it was nearing the end of a busy afternoon of promo, photos, and perhaps one too many PleeseCakes.

To describe Binky as a budding entrepreneur is not an understatement. Despite ongoing projects such as her range for fashion brand In The Style, her beauty products, and the fact that she and boyfriend Josh (JP) Patterson, have recently starred in their own spin-off show documenting the first months as new parents, Binky is now collaborating with one of my favourite baby brands too.

The 'With Love From Binky' collection is available from www.my1styears.comBinky PICTURE - Emma Tunbridge (4).jpg

Following the birth of her daughter India in June this year, the Chelsea beauty is thrilled to be releasing her first baby and children range.  ‘With Love from Binky‘ is a collection of high quality pieces for both boys and girls in sizes 0-3 months, right up to 5-6 years, and consists of a sleepsuit, a pyjama set, a comforter, a blanket, and a selection of bibs. Favourite pieces of hers include the girls’ sleepsuit and the boys pyjama set, which I must admit was my favourite too! The combination of the charcoal grey with the soft pale blue shade just worked so well together. I held on to one of the pieces as we chatted and was instantly impressed with the quality of the fabric; perfectly soft for their innocent skin.

“The prints I chose were inspired by what I like. I went for very simple, quite plain prints as babies are so beautiful in their own right, that I don’t think they need lots of colour and loud print to take away from that”, she explained about her choices for the pieces. The speckle print, she says with a wry smile, is perfect as “they get so much mess splattered down them anyway, that it will just blend in”.

As she chats away, it’s hard not notice how down to earth the brunette beauty comes across. Dressed in an oversized white button-down shirt and a chic pair of check tailored trousers, her classic understated look is tainted only by the faint stain of baby sick which now graces her sleeve. A stain which she points out to me, I must add, as she tells me that she would “take poo over puke any day”. “That really curdled baby sick is just the worst! I don’t mind poo at all, but she’s forever throwing up all over me!” she laughs. I decide not to mention that this preference may change in a few months once India becomes acquainted with solid food. Enough said.

From reality TV star who likes a party (who doesn’t!?) to fully fledged businesswoman and now #mumboss, it feels like Binky has exceeded all expectations and carved a career and a life for herself that is both inspirational and aspirational in its own right. “I’m really enjoying being busy at the moment, and it’s great that I can take India with me to all these different things,” she says. And as a mum of the same age as Binky, I can’t help but feel how lucky she is to be able to continue to work and be with her baby without really having to sacrifice either; a subject that I know is close to many a mum’s heart, as it can still be a constant struggle to find the right balance.

The 'With Love From Binky' collection is available from www.my1styears.comBinky PICTURE - Emma Tunbrid (13).jpg

Of course, ultimate Glam Gran Mummy Felstead was also on hand to take India when things got a little much for the tiny tot. When Binky and I spoke she had just put a ‘good as gold’ India down for a nap in the next room and we discussed how her sleep isn’t currently suffering too much as herself and JP have managed to get India in to a nice routine which seems to be working well for them all. She laughed with surprise when I congratulated her on doing so well so early on (India was 13 weeks old at the time we spoke), as I had flashbacks to the early days of my first baby, during which I did well to get showered or leave the house, and I often sobbed on the sofa, stinking of sweat and baby spew whilst Dexter slept on my chest (as it was the only place he seemed to settle).

On screen, Binky has always looked beautiful and doe-eyed, almost reminiscent of the 60s era à la Twiggy, and in person this was no different. After complimenting her on how amazing she looked so soon after giving birth, she modestly put it down to favouring loose fitting tops to hide the ‘mum-tum’ (a trick I know all too well myself). She did however go on to say that getting back in to shape is important to her in order for her to feel like herself again, though she appreciates that timescales are different for everyone. “I have started working out quite quickly after giving birth, but I need to as I have a shoot with Reebok at the end of the year so I must be in good shape- though I do like to have fun too; it’s all about balance”. It is this attitude, I assume, which culminates in such resounding success in all that she does.

The 'With Love From Binky' collection is available from www.my1styears.comBinky PICTURE - Emma Tunbrid (19).jpg

It was clear to see from meeting Binky that motherhood, although originally unexpected, has been all she hoped for and more, and the happiness radiated from within. We shake hands as we say our goodbyes, and I leave making a mental note of which pieces I will be gifting to some very lucky babies this Christmas.

The ‘With Love From Binky’ collection with My 1st Years is available from www.my1styears.com/Binky.

All photos by Emma Tunbridge


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