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Bathing Nancy & A Special Mother’s Day with Merci Maman

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Hooded Towel: Home by Merci Maman | Pom Garland:Never Perfect Studio | Cushion: Ikea | Bunny: Jellycat

Don’t you just love a soft squidgy baby bum?! All those velvety wrinkles and rolls make you want to eat them up so bad! If you follow ‘the rules’๐Ÿ™„ your baby will have spent a lengthy 10 days or however long it has taken for their cord to drop off without experiencing the delight that is a nice warm bath, so their squidgy bums are more than ready for a good old dunk. That first bath that you give a newborn is just delicious; I was so excited to get Nancy in the water, and can remember feeling the same way about Dexter.

In these early stages of life, babies’ skin is super soft and sensitive, so water alone is enough to do the trick and rid them of their stink. After having a baby with eczema (Dex suffered so badly but is clear now thankfully), I’m a sucker for a nice soft towel to bundle them up in afterwards, and a hooded one is always a fave to keep Nancy’s cute little pea head warm.

I was recently sent a beautiful personalised hooded towel just for Nancy from Merci Maman (meaning ‘Thank you Mummy’), which I absolutely love! It arrived perfectly presented in a cotton drawstring bag with one of their signature gift cards, and I was so excited to snuggle little Nancy in it. The towel comes with either baby pink, blue, or white edging; and your little one’s name can be embroidered in one of 14 different colours, so there’s something to suit every mini personality out there.

The towel is part of Merci Maman’s newly launched ‘Home‘ range, and features alongside other gorgeous items such as personalised gift sets, muslin cloths, comforters, and even little Director’s chairs for baby! The adults can get in on the action too with their own personalised beach and bathroom towels. Personalised gifts are one of my favourite ever things to give as they really show the thought you’ve put in to choosing something that little bit extra special.

Merci Maman has applied the same personal touch to these premium embroidered products as they have become known for with their sought-after hand engraved jewellery; popular with various celebs, including the Duchess of Cambridge don’t you know! I’ve totally got my eye on some of their pieces (in particular their Limited Edition Merci Maman Necklaceย with the kids names engraved), and if you’re still after that last minute gift for Mother’s Day, there are so many gorgeous things to choose from. If you order by 1pm your item will be shipped 1st class that same day; perfect for unorganised last-minuters like me! (Don’t forget to do it tomorrow though! I’ll be ordering my Mum’s too.)

Have a great Mother’s Day this weekend all you lovely mamas! I hope you are looked after by your partners and little ones.


*Thank you to Merci Maman for sponsoring this post; all words and opinions are my own and I genuinely love the brand.



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