Life on Nars


At every (fleeting) opportunity that I get to have a quick scroll through my phone, I’m looking for things that I can buy; things for my home, things for my child, things for my body, and of course things for my face. (It’s great that I now have Dexter on the list too as I absolutely love buying for him)!

Being a product junkie means that I constantly convince myself that I need a certain product or three pretty much every week, and my latest must-have buys come from a firm favourite in Nars.

All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation, £32: When I come towards the end of my foundation bottle, I always have a little internal conflict as to whether I should stick with my current brand or try out a new one for size. This time the power of Nars outweighed my sensible side, and I went for the ADLW foundation. It claims to be medium-full coverage, but with a luminosity akin to the midnight moon and a lovely lightweight ‘skin’ feel. How could I not get this stuff? Although I’m a little late to the party, I’m still taking some time to reach my decision on how I feel about this foundation as I have freckled skin and constantly change my mind as to whether I want them to be out and proud or masked with product. At the moment I feel that I could kind of have the best of both worlds with this foundation as it is buildable, meaning I can apply more layers to increase coverage if desired. It’s still not quite on the same level as EL’s Double Wear, but then again I bought it for it’s differences, namely it’s lighter consistency and appearance.

Illuminator, Copacabana, £23: I’m a sucker for an illuminator, and have a make-up bag stuffed full of them in all their many wonderful forms, but there’s always room for a little one in my book. I’m glad I went for this beauty, which I got in the shade Copacabana, as it makes a lovely addition to your foundation for extra luminosity, as well as when used alone in areas of the face where you’re after that all important youthful glow. I’ve been mixing a small blob in with the ADLW foundation, and am so far liking the fact that it is super sheer, so not too ‘Kardashian’, but it still creates the desired luminosity. In the areas of my face such as the arch of my brow and my cupid’s bow the product works it’s magic more overtly but without making me look like a walking talking light bulb, so obviously that’s ideal. I usually tend to steer clear of pink tones when it comes to make-up for the face as I prefer more golden shades in an attempt to ‘fake it ’till I make it’ (never gonna happen), however this is so sheer that I don’t feel that it is too pinky.

Pressed Powder, £26: I’m currently switching between a setting spray and this pressed powder in an attempt to decide which form of ‘setting’ I prefer. I’m loving this barely-there powder as it is so light that you can’t even tell you have it on, and it manages to leave a lovely, smooth finish. I’ve only just got this, but so far I feel that it doesn’t dull out too much of that luminosity you’ve tried so hard to create, whilst still preventing an embarrassing attack of The Shine.

What are your favourite go-to beauty products for this month lovelies?


N.B. The photos below are rubbish quality but are completely unedited, with the aim to try and give a true representation of the products. Also apologies for them being so random- they are stills taken from a recent video project (watch this space), as I forgot to take photos.



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