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Christmas Gift Idea


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We’ve all been there; the baby is screaming, the toddler is trying to fit a crayon up his left nostril, and there’s an Everest-esque pile of dirty laundry waiting to be done, when all we want is a nice brew and five minutes peace and quiet.

I have always found that a trip to the salon is one of the best ways to get some relaxation and ‘me time’, kids or no kids; but all that head rubbing and grown up chatter (even if it is just about the weather) is what dreams are made of for most mamas.

If you’re a mum you will understand when I say that a visit to the salon is definitely a luxury, and a pretty great one at that. Even if you’re not of the parenting persuasion I’m sure you can appreciate what a bloody treat it is.

Once you have offspring these salon trips become few and far between (much like hair washing in general), so it can be nice to have a little of the salon experience in the comfort of your own home (minus magic massaging hands, unfortunately). I was recently lucky enough to get my mitts on some gorgeous products by salon professional brand Paul Mitchell, and have been indulging myself ever since.

I have been using their  Awapuhi Wild Ginger products, and oh my god are they yummy! I wouldn’t usually say a ‘Wild Ginger’ hair care product would be my bag, but I have been completely won over by how luxurious the products are and how gorgeous they smell. The fragrance is subtle (you’re not going to smell like a stir fry, I promise), but really lovely; especially if you’re used to wearing eau de baby vom. And I’ve seriously noticed how great my hair is looking and feeling since using them.

The products are from Paul Mitchell’s limited edition Christmas gift selection and there are three different sets in this particular range, depending on your hair care needs. I have got the Indulge & Repair set which helps to strengthen, protect, and style your hair, and it includes a Moisturizing Lather Shampoo, a Keratin Cream Rinse, and a Hydrocream Whip. I love how the shampoo creates such a good lather, as one of my pet hates when it comes to hair care is lather-less shampoo!

These sets are the perfect gift for any beauty loving friends or relatives this festive season, and if you’re stuck for ideas for that Mama who needs some TLC, then I can guarantee these will put a smile on her sleep-deprived face.

Since a salon blow dry is off the menu the majority of the time too, I have also been using Paul Mitchell’s Neuro Round Titanium Thermal Brush in the medium size after washing my hair to help achieve a smooth, shiny finish to my locks (coming January 2017 in three different sizes). These brushes are a great way to get as close as possible to a salon finish, however I’ve still not quite mastered the skilful hairdryer/brush technique that my hairdresser makes look so easy (I swear I need at least one more hand for this to be posssible!)

You can pick up these products and more from selected salons nationwide, so take a look for your nearest stockist if you have a lucky recipient in mind (even if it is a gift from you to you 😏).


Brought to you by Paul Mitchell UK.


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