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Lazy Saturdays

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Happy Sunday folks! Are you one of these people who spends the week pushing on through just to reach the weekend? I think we’re all guilty of it, especially me, but I keep telling myself that it’s important to embrace the everyday little things, as these are the things that make our life what it is. Sometimes it’s hard to find the beauty in the mundane, but now more than ever I want to make a conscious effort to do this (not always easy with kids; in particular a toddler who likes to push you to your limits right before turning back in to an absolute angel so you can’t help but melt. He knows exactly what he’s doing! haha). But the munchkins are the main reason that it’s more important than ever to me, as we will never get this time together back, and it is oh so precious! Just a little Sunday thought.

Anyway, we recently took time to do just that, and had the absolutely lovely Anete Lusina come over to our home and photograph our Saturday morning. No frills, no staged shots, just us doing our thing as a new family of four. Our weekends can often be a time to get home improvements done (we have done a lot since buying our house almost 2.5 years ago) and we feel they can sometimes slip away from us, as we get bogged down in paintbrushes and sanders. Once we have finished our current project we are planning on having a break from anything DIY, and just taking the time to enjoy being a young (ahem) family right in time for the nice weather; if we ever get any.

With the addition of Nancy to the family we thought it would be nice to have a visual log of her joining us and completing our brood as well as our hearts, and when Anete offered to do this for us, we couldn’t have been luckier. She was so great and we barely knew she was there whilst we read, and played, and tried to keep an outdoorsy toddler entertained inside whilst it pissed it down outside. Dexter can be temperamental to say the very least, and unfortunately (or fortunately depending which way you look at it) he isn’t great with strangers. However he took to Anete straight away and wasn’t phased by her presence whilst he was immersed in play, which is no mean feat! Way to go Anete! đŸ™‚

What do you guys do to try and focus on the little things and appreciate the here and now? Any tips to live more in the moment would be much appreciated!


*Thanks to Anete Lusina Photography for collaborating on this post. She photographs all sorts from weddings to commercial stuff, so find her here and take a look if you are in need of a fab photographer.



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