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Transitional Style with ASOS









Outfit Details|Shirt, Tee & Jeans (similar here) all ASOS|Bag: Givenchy|Plimsolls: Truffle Collection @ TK Maxx

This weather just doesn’t know what it’s doing does it?! Every morning I have been peering out from behind the curtain to see a dull and dreary autumnal scene warranting cosy knits and practical boots, only to find that I’m throwing layers off and breaking out the sunglasses by the time we hit lunch. Transitional style can cover a whole host of different looks and pieces, however one thing that they all have in common is LAYERING. Layers are key to dressing for these difficult days when you don’t know whether you’re coming or going, as you can add or take away from your look accordingly. And if like me you are a breastfeeding Mama, this throws a whole other spanner in the works…as if we didn’t have enough to think about!

For me this outfit and various similar variations/alternatives (using different textures and shades but sticking with the general composition) have been a key look during these transitional times. For this look in particular I have opted for white jeans which I absolutely love for summer, but full length white denim can also be styled to look great coming in to the colder months too; we just don’t see it enough in my opinion.

The open denim shirt and casual tee is a classic laid-back combo that works every time, and the shirt can be buttoned up or taken off completely to create three very different looks and varying weather appropriate outfits. For the boob-feeding mums out there, this combination is fab as the neckline on the t-shirt is low enough to go in from the top, or else you can have the shirt buttoned at the bottom to cover your tummy and lift the tee up for a lift-and-latch approach.

The look itself is definitely basic, so I like to throw in a statement piece somewhere to add interest to my outfit; in this case it is this pair of AMAZE snakeskin plimsolls with metal toe-cap…what’s not to love?! (A lot according to my mother and Mr B who both think I will look back on photos of these in years to come and wonder what the hell I was thinking- not a chance!)

Aside from the plimsolls and bag, the staple pieces that make up this look are all from ASOS, and I can’t help but bow down to this fashion destination at every opportunity I get; not only for their vast array of wardrobe wonders, but for my absolute fave- their Premier delivery service which includes unlimited next day delivery with no minimum spend all for £9.95 a year! (it usually costs £5.95 per order or is free if you spend over £100). I have been shelling out the tenner for the last few years now and it’s worth every penny. I’m obsessed!

What’s your favourite transitional look or breastfeeding fashion pick for super easy access?



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