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All Hallows’ Eve


It’s that time of year again; the vibrant shades of autumnal leaves glow as they crunch underfoot, we curl up on the sofa in front of The X Factor and a roaring fire, and the people are out in their droves channelling their inner ghoul.














Whether for you it’s just a small bump on the now not-so-long but very sparkly road to Christmas, or you’ve been counting down the days since summer, you can’t deny that Halloween is as fun for adults as it is for the kids. As this year is Dex’s very first Halloween, gone are the days where I am heading out in a scary but ever-so-slightly ‘seductive’ costume, but have instead been getting super excited about dressing up my little man and planning all the creative Halloween-y things I can do from now on in.

I thought I’d share with you my very own incy wincy spider, along with myself and Mr B’s super unsuccessful attempt at a pumpkin. I drew out a quick sketch of Heath Ledger’s Joker and Neil tried to transfer it on to the pumpkin, however it was all a bit too round and pumpkin-y for it to work- I knew we should have just stuck with something simple! We’ll up our pumpkin game next year, promise.

Dexter and I went to visit my Mum at work today as the staff were dressing up and holding a pumpkin carving competition for the kids. I wasn’t sure how Dex would deal with all the scary costumes so we approached people with caution, but surprisingly he was absolutely fine and seemed to love the drama of it all. Obviously this year was too soon for him to really enjoy or understand the holiday, so I can’t wait for next year when he’ll appreciate it a little more. Also massive props to my Mum and Dexter’s wonderful Grandma who looked absolutely amazing as Countess Dracula; it shows Halloween is great for every generation.

I hope you’ve all had a fab day with your little ones and are currently sat in front of the telly tucking in to the sweets they collected trick or treating whilst they are tucked up in bed. And to those of you who plan on hitting the town in your creepy costumes tonight…enjoy!

If you have any photos of your precious pumpkins rocking their costumes or any fun activities for the littlies please do share!


P.S. Find Dex’s fab costume and loads of others here


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