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I’ve been AWOL for ages now, not really sure what has happened…just life I suppose. So I thought I’d do a bit of a comeback…with a poem. Yes, you heard correctly…a poem. Good lord!

“You’re just a stay-at-home Mum? That must be nice!”

“What do you do all day?” “You mean apart from everything twice?”

I just feed and nourish, I just teach and play

We just laugh and love together for most of the day.


I just pick up peas, household objects and toys

I sometimes have a brew just to prepare my mind for the noise.

We just sit, we just play, we just dance, we just lay

We walk laps of the house just 64 times a day.


We go out, we explore, we shop ’til we drop

We turn up the music and have a good bop.

There’s the tantrums, the tears, the grumpy bits too

And who can forget all the masses of poo!


And if there is time in between shaping his life

I’ll just do some chores like a good little wife 😉

Or I might just sit and have some time for me

Squeeze in a quick shower or run for a wee.


“What do you do all day when you work?”

Do you get a break at that place with the shirts?

Does there have to be a right or a wrong way to do this Mum thing?

Can’t we all just appreciate all the love that we bring?


How times have changed from a long time ago

You’d think we would learn, you’d expect us to grow.

Once Mothers were seen for just what they are

Just shaping our future, and taking us far.


Now staying at home seems just a shameful thing

I feel embarrassed to say it when someone chimes in.

“Women fought for our right to have a career”

“Now you’re just throwing that away”, you hear.


I chose to get pregnant, I wanted my boy

Why would I not want to experience the joy?

I’m lucky enough to have the great choice

Is that not why those women back then used their voice?


We can now decide for ourselves what we do

Just career, just family, or both kinds of you.

None of them better or above one another

All of us just trying to be a good Mother.


The media can make us feel guilty and small

Unsatisfactory, the worst of them all.

You’re damned if you don’t and damned if you do

Let’s shake off the stigmas and tell them “f$*k you!”


Why argue who is busier or does more in a day?

All that we do, is more than just okay.

We’re defining our worth and how important we are

By how little time we have, which seems quite bizarre.


But busy and important are two different things,

How massive is motherhood and all that it brings?

Let’s slow down the pace, enjoy every minute

Stop filling the moment, and just try and live in it.


My hubby is great, he supports me no end,

He’s my P.I.C*, my confidant, my very best friend.

At the office or at home, he’s along for the ride

Whichever path I choose, he’s right by my side.


As it happens I do both at this current time,

I just work from home for some of the time.

But I’m making a stand, I’m not ashamed to say,

I’m just a stay-at-home Mum each single day.


*partner in crime


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